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Christopher S.

Dear Lombardo Team:I wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU! Your team was so reliable and professional on how they handled my personal Short Sale of my Investment Property. As a business owner and real estate professional, I can tell you that you and your team are the best at what you do. I can’t express the amount of gratitude that my wife and I have for your expertise. Your ability to sell our home, which had been dragging us down financially for the last 3 years, is unparalleled. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to buy, sell, or short sale their property.The folks that work for your team are also amazing! They were always readily available and helpful when I called. You and your team have found something that has worked in this tough economy and are the best at what you do. I wish you and your team much success in the future. You are a prime example of what it takes to be successful as a real estate professional.I look forward to working with you again in the near future and our firm looks to be a solid part of your success when warranted.

Roland G.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Mr. Michael Lombardo for his excellent work ethics and professionalism in handling the sale of my home at 907 Thompson Avenue in Lehigh Acres. Mr. Lombardo has gone above and beyond the call of duty during a difficult time in my life. He has been sympathetic through my divorce, lost wages and finally being laid off from my last employment, facing the possibility of losing my home… Mr. Lombardo has been working with extraordinary enthusiasm with a “Short Sale” for my home. He has always explained in simple terms and great detail to me every aspect of this tedious process, He has been in contact with my two mortgage companies in a timely manner, and has been skillfully negotiating with them to accomplish the sale of the home and at the same time, satisfy the loans. With determination and without reproach, Mr. Lombardo has been proactive with advertising and showing my property, even when he and his family where sick with the Flu! Nevertheless, during these difficult times in the real estate market, He has shown my home constantly and received several offers! I ask myself: How is this possible? Where are the other Mike Lombardos in this world? We certainly need more good men and women like him. We need them in every sector of Corporate America, in every Army, in every Government Post, in every Store, just everywhere! Imagine that, all of us United and working in harmony for the common good of our fellow Americans! Mike Lombardo: God Bless you, your family, Century 21 and God Bless America… Sincerely,


To the Mike Lombardo TeamBanks may say they want to help but let me tell you that is the last thing on their mind. I spent 10 months trying to re-modify my mortgage with my bank (Wells Fargo) and did everything they asked me to do. Make additional payments I couldn’t afford, sent letter after letter, gave them all the personal information they asked for and after doing all that and them squeezing every last penny out of me they sent me a letter and then a foreclosure document delivered by the courts. Well let me tell you scared, you bet. I’m 55 and was looking at having to go through a foreclosure and lose everything I had left, and all funds depleted.Coming out of a Super Market store I just happen to run into Mike Lombardo (who I never met before) and being the talker that I am made a statement to him about how this world his killing the little guy. He responded what do you mean, and I began to tell him my story of losing my home. Mike explained he was in real-estate and maybe he could help, gave me his card and said to give him a call. I called Mike that same day and we discussed many things one being a short sale of my home to avoid foreclosure.Let me tell you the Lombardo team went to work right away and with no help from the bank was able to get my house short sale In 120 days keeping out of foreclosure and saving what little bit I had left as foreclosure would have surely taken everything away.If you need a team who will work for you 24/7 and make what you need to happen there is no other team I could recommend. Foreclosure-J a scary thing to have to go through but if you want a team who will work and make things happen, the Lombardo team is the only one I would recommend.

Russell G.

Hey, Mike! Just wanted to say thanks for all of the help getting my place closed. The market was the worst that anybody had seen in a very long time but you prevailed. The team is awesome. I had always dealt with agents that worked in a traditional way but your business is radical. All of the different staff made getting answers simple. I didn’t have to chase an agent out showing property. Every one of your staff was very attentive keeping me informed throughout the process. I see why you sell so much knowledge, experience, great service, a commitment to excellence all spell success. Thanks again. I would recommend you to anyone who needs to sell.Take care!

Maureen W.

The Mike Lombardo Team helped me to sell my house. They listed it and they sold it.In between the listing and the closing Mike and his staff kept me updated. I always felt as though they cared about me and my individual home sale. I understand that Mike is a nationally ranked real estate agent with Century 21 but he and his staff made me feel as though my house was important. I would recommend Mike to anyone who needs to sell their house. He got the job done with listing, marketing, websites, servicing staff …all of it was top notch.I recommend Mike Lombardo and his Mike Lombardo Team to everyone. Every now and then you meet professional people who are in business and who care. This is what I found and this is what you will find, too.

Jack and Berte P., Fort Myers, Florida

The Mike Lombardo Team has worked diligently, with honesty and integrity on several residential sales on our behalf. We have traversed through several rough contracts that only an experienced team could handle with their expertise. Berte and I appreciate what they are doing to expedite the property sales we have listed with them.


Hi, I’m so very excited. I wanted to share my joy with you. The last 4 years have been very difficult & emotional for me. For personal reasons, I felt like I was in a “prison” in my house. I give Praise to Our Heavenly Father. In the last 96 hours He has provided for me a new life. I put my house on the market at 11 am Tuesday with Mike Lombardo and his team. At 10 am Wednesday, I was signing a contract to sell my house. The sellers offered me more than what I was expecting. Wednesday evening, I went to look at houses with an agent from the Mike Lombardo Team. I arrived at the second house at 6:45 pm. As I step onto the entry way, I immediately felt like I was home. I had a verbal offer on that house at 8 pm. At 8:45 pm, offer was verbally accepted. Thursday 9am I was signing the contract to the purchase house. By Friday 12 the home inspection was completed at new home.In a nutshell, here’s what I’m thankful to God and the Mike Lombardo Team for:1. Selling of my house in less than 24 hours. 2 . Buyers offering more than I expected. 3. Finding my new home for me 4. Advising me to how much to offer to get my offer accepted. 5. Seller accepting my offer. 6. Closing on both properties within 2 weeks. God Bless.

A Horn

The Mike Lombardo Team helped us buy and sell a home quickly and smoothly! I highly recommend this group of exceptional real estate professionals.

D Royal

I felt that they had done their research and knew exactly what my house was going to sell for and it turned out to sell for about that exact price. Going through a closing, there are obviously a lot of moving parts, but Mike and the Mike Lombardo Team made me feel very comfortable; The marketing and the photos were absolutely phenomenal. They are a way for them to differentiate themselves from the competition and I feel that it was a major component on our ability to sell the house so efficiently.

G Esposito

Thank you for the wonderful experience in the sale of our parents house. It went super fast and your staff was wonderful. You were able to find a buyer the first few hours the house was listed. Your complete staff was awesome with keeping us informed. The title company you use was also wonderful. Highly recommend and will use again. Thank you again
I would like Mike to give me his opinion of value.