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Roland G.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Mr. Michael Lombardo for his excellent work ethics and professionalism in handling the sale of my home at 907 Thompson Avenue in Lehigh Acres.

Mr. Lombardo has gone above and beyond the call of duty during a difficult time in my life. He has been sympathetic through my divorce, lost wages and finally being laid off from my last employment, facing the possibility of losing my home…

Mr. Lombardo has been working with extraordinary enthusiasm with a “Short Sale” for my home. He has always explained in simple terms and great detail to me every aspect of this tedious process, He has been in contact with my two mortgage companies in a timely manner, and has been skillfully negotiating with them to accomplish the sale of the home and at the same time, satisfy the loans.

With determination and without reproach, Mr. Lombardo has been proactive with advertising and showing my property, even when he and his family where sick with the Flu! Nevertheless, during these difficult times in the real estate market, He has shown my home constantly and received several offers!

I ask myself: How is this possible? Where are the other Mike Lombardos in this world? We certainly need more good men and women like him. We need them in every sector of Corporate America, in every Army, in every Government Post, in every Store, just everywhere! Imagine that, all of us United and working in harmony for the common good of our fellow Americans!

Mike Lombardo: God Bless you, your family, Century 21 and God Bless America… Sincerely,

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