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The six best things to do in Cape Coral, FL

03 July 2020
Cape Coral, FL is known for having beautiful beaches, nature preserves, restaurants, canals, golf courses, and opportunities for water sports. There’s a lot to see and do in Cape Coral. If you’re ...

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The Deal with a Catch

20 May 2020
-Three traps to Watch Out For when it is time to buy- This may be a time to buy a house. If you are not worried about some impending doom and have a slightly glass half full mentality. The stars ar...

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Buying a Home and Saving Big Money

21 April 2020
SAVE BIG: Here is the one thing that you can do to save big money on your home purchase. Spoiler alert…it isn’t making a low-ball offer on the home purchase. If you think that then you wi...

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Wiggle Room

27 March 2020
1. A Pandemic The past two weeks I have spent my time answering questions as best I can regarding what we are seeing in the Real Estate market based on the current Pandemic. This will likely ...

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