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If you’ve lived in SWFL for any significant amount of time you know that we get hit with rumor after rumor of big companies moving to our area. How many of you remember being told year after year that we were going to get a Six Flags built in North Cape Coral because we had excess land out there. I’m still eagerly waiting to purchase my season pass when that fateful day might finally come (pssst.. it’s not going to come). I’m so very sorry for the misleading title. Like my disappointment that we don’t have a Six Flags in our backyard, you might feel disappointed because the arrival of your favorite store was just a rumor as well. Maybe it’s the Ikea we have been promised for so long or the indoor shopping mall in Cape Coral. Whatever it is, you’ve been disappointed that it never came.

So I am going to share with you a few places that are actually set in motion to hit SWFL in 2018:

  • A Burlington Coat Factory in Cape Coral
  • A New Panera in Cape Coral
  • A Whole Foods in Fort Myers
  • A Top Golf in Fort Myers
  • An Animal Shelter in Cape Coral
  • An Organic Grocery Store in Cape Coral
  • Expanded Skilled-Nursing Units at the Gulf Coast Village Assisted Living Center in Cape Coral

Our population is growing in SWFL, recently surpassing 1 million people. This is making large corporations actually consider us relevant for possible expansions. I believe that we will start to see a lot of places actually be built that have been mere rumors for the last few years. This is great for our real estate market because the more options for dining and entertainment that we have make our area more and more desirable.

The two places that I am most excited to be arriving at are the Top Golf and Whole Foods.

What places would you like to see come to SWFL?

Top Golf

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