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Customer experience

When it comes to real estate, customer experience is everything. The Mike Lombardo team goes to great lengths to create a wonderful, high-quality customer experience for those who are selling their homes in the Florida communities of Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and Gateway.

Here’s what you can expect from the Mike Lombardo team:

A professional home review

Before your home goes on the market, the Mike Lombardo team will evaluate its condition and marketability. The team will then recommend possible solutions to boost your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. These recommendations may vary from cleaning the entire house to upgrading certain areas, based on the home repair and remodel projects that yield the biggest return on investment.

Listing your home on the Multiple Listing Service

The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is one of the most important tools of the home selling process. Through this service, other real estate agents can find and show your property to their home buying clients. A well-written description will accompany the high-quality photos and videos in your home’s MLS listing.

Systematic online exposure

In addition to the MLS and real estate agent websites, the team will also post your listing on frequently visited real estates websites such as Zillow, Trulia,, and The team has also partnered with Listhub, which syndicates your listing to over 900 additional websites worldwide in order to ensure that your listing is marketed globally.

A visual media marketing plan

Words are simply not enough to market a home. That’s why visual content counts. The Mike Lombardo team recognizes the importance of visuals and the impact it has on potential buyers. With this in mind, the team includes a three-part visual component, which consists of photos, processing, and video.

A full-time professional photographer and/or videographer from the team will capture, compile, and edit the photos and videos taken of your home. Only the best pictures and video clips will be used. As for the photos, the team will select a maximum of 35 photos to be used for MLS and real estate agent website listings.

Social media marketing

Since the majority of home buyers today begin their search online, social media is a top platform for marketing a home for sale. Your listing will be heavily promoted on the team’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram sites.

Email marketing

A part of the Mike Lombardo team’s real estate marketing campaign is to promote your home to the team’s entire contact list. The team will also make calls to key individuals they consider as potential buyers.

Open houses

Open houses are a useful marketing and sales tool in the home selling process. Aside from being more accessible and providing your house with the necessary exposure, open houses help in attracting potential buyers who don’t have your house on their radar.

A licensed real estate professional from the team will be in charge of your open house. To keep track of the comings and goings during the house, guests and other agents will be required to write their names in the sign-in sheet. The agent in charge will also record the feedback from the open house and see what can be improved.

Open houses will occur strategically and periodically until the property is under contract.

Hiring a full-time transaction coordinator

In order for the home selling process to move smoothly, the Mike Lombardo team will hire a full-time transaction coordinator for all home showings. A transaction coordinator will get in touch with real estate agents, buyers, tenants, HOA’s, and other parties. The coordinator will also make sure that those viewing your property are accompanied by a state-licensed real estate professional.

Agent cooperation

The Mike Lombardo team is part of Broker Reciprocity, a system wherein brokers display other brokers’ active listings on their personal websites. Participating brokers are the only ones allowed to do so. With this Broker Reciprocity program, your listing will be featured on other real estate agents’ websites, which gives your property more exposure.

Agent feedback

Feedback is essential to the Mike Lombardo team. While many other agents choose not to provide showing feedback, the team makes it a point to get at least three from agents who have shown your listing. Aside from tracking the data, the team reviews and compares it to industry benchmarks.

The Mike Lombardo team will then provide recommendations on how the marketability of your listing can improve, either through price adjustments, property alterations, or changes to showing instructions.

If you’re thinking about selling your Cape Coral home, the Mike Lombardo team offers the best customer experience. Get in touch with the best real estate agents in Cape Coral, Florida today at 239.898.3445 or leave a note here.

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