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From customer service to customer experience: The new paradigm

From customer service to customer experience: The new paradigm

There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that customers are willing to pay more for a better experience. A bad experience has been shown to drive people away too. Better customer experiences are becoming more important with the rise of social media, cloud technology, and on-demand services like Netflix and Uber. These platforms offer personalized service when and how people want them, creating an environment where customer expectations have changed and they demand more speed and efficiency – and they’re willing to pay for it. They are looking for the best real estate agent, and that’s one who can meet these needs.

How to Improve Real Estate Customer Experience

Here are some tips on how Cape Coral realtors can improve their customer experience;

Respond to Customers Faster

Customers are interested in speed and efficiency and they want a convenient experience. The first thing to do is to respond as quickly as possible to emails and phone calls. Aim to respond within the hour.
This first response can be as simple as acknowledging that you have received their request and will respond later, but just that initial response lets a customer know they have been heard. They are more willing to wait a day if they know that’s how long they have to wait.

Update Your Website and Blog

With the majority of people (81%) using the internet these days, real estate agents in Cape Coral Florida should be sure to keep their website, blog, and FAQs updated. A bad online experience is just as dangerous as a bad interpersonal experience.
Keep things up to date and create new and interesting blog posts and FAQs targeted to your key demographics. Make things more interesting and valuable for them and you can expect them to turn to you when the time comes.

Offer Tenant and Owner Access

Another way that real estate companies Cape Coral FL can show their dedication to convenience and efficiency is by allowing owners and tenants to have self-service access to their information in real-time with property management software. Doing this adds value to your services, improves transparency, and means customers make fewer inquiries because they have access to the information themselves. Everyone wins here.

Invest in Automation

Automation is a great way to offer customers rapid assistance and responses to their queries. Chatbots such as Chatfuel can be fully programmed to send messages based on triggers such as certain actions and keywords.
These tools engage leads and offer assistance without much, if any, input from you. Expedite the support process, developer a better customer experience, and save a lot of time and money all at once.

Streamline Processes

The technology you use – and how you use it – can make all the difference in the world. Good technology improves efficiency and customer experience and gives you an edge over the competition. Bad technology slows everything down.
Use good quality technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency to free up employees so they can focus on serving clients and taking care of business. Find ways to consolidate processes so everyone can focus on more important things.

Offer a Personalized Experience

The personal touch makes things more memorable while also improving the overall customer experience. If a tenant is moving in, for example, then you can start things out on a positive note by sending them a welcoming basket.
Taking the time to engage people is the key to building a better relationship with them. Send them automated personalized e-cards on their birthday or send them holiday greetings. There’s a lot of little things you can do that means a lot but take a surprisingly small amount of time and effort.

Keep Up with Satisfaction Levels

It’s important that real estate agents in Cape Coral Florida measure customer satisfaction, especially when implementing steps to improve it. You don’t know if your efforts are working or not if you don’t know how customers rate their overall satisfaction.
A key measure of satisfaction is the “Net Promoter Score” or NPS. This measures how many people would approve your services against how many people would not. The more satisfied a customer is, the more willing they are to recommend your business. That’s what makes this score such an important measure of satisfaction and an indicator of long-term success (or failure).

Final Thoughts

This move towards a focus on customer experience is a reflection of how customers' needs and expectations have changed. There’s a greater emphasis on speed and efficiency, convenience, and friendly and helpful staff. These are the most important factors of solid customer experience.
Every business must adapt to the times in order to survive and continue delivering the best possible customer experience. That could mean having to adopt new technology, offering more personal customer experiences, measuring customer satisfaction, and more. All of these steps are sure to pay off in the long run though as satisfied customers are sure to keep coming back for more – and invite others to join them.

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