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Can you still sell your house in the midst of COVID-19?

Can you still sell your house in the midst of COVID-19?

Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the US housing market. A lot of people are doubtful if they should buy a home right now, and sellers are also on the fence.

As we work towards the complete reopening of Cape Coral, we’ve outlined a couple of things you can do to prepare for your upcoming home sale. Some of these tips are also applicable if you’ve decided to wait for when the pandemic passes.

Selling your home during a pandemic

It’s important to keep everyone’s safety in mind. The key to overcoming the pandemic is to keep the coronavirus from spreading. As such, you can do the following:

  1. Show your home through virtual tours

    Virtual tours have been around for years. If you have yet to use this marketing strategy, now is the time to incorporate it into yours.

    The beauty of virtual tours is you can show the entirety of your property to prospective home buyers even if they’re far away and in the comforts of their own homes. If you’re selling an acreage property, aerial drone footage of your home will help potential buyers get a scope of just how big the property is.

  2. Improve your online real estate listing

    Pictures can say a thousand words, but they still leave a couple of things unsaid. For that, you should take the time to write a better property description for your online listing.

    Don’t just list down the highlights and other important information. Make it engaging. Use descriptive words. It would also be helpful to provide details about the neighborhood, such as nearby schools, businesses, community amenities, and recreation.

  3. Do appraisals and inspections differently

    To help curb local transmission, it’s important to observe social distancing guidelines. Lately, appraisal and home inspection companies have started offering their services without requiring the seller to be present.

    Their methods are different. Some offer drive-by appraisals, while some home inspection companies include extensive photographs and reports of their findings. The inspections are also usually conducted by masked and gloved inspectors.

    To be sure, check local appraisal and home inspection companies with your realtor to find one that suits your preferences.

  4. Limit the number of people during showings

    Say you have a buyer or two who insist on seeing the property in person and you can accommodate this request. In such cases, make sure to limit the number of people present. It would also be wise to screen them before inviting them to your property. For instance, only buyers with pre-approval letters will be allowed to view your home in person.

    It would be best to entertain just one buyer at a time. Enforce some social distancing rules. You can even provide a small kit that consists of alcohol or sanitizer, gloves, face masks, and booties.

    You should also prepare your property before a showing. Make sure to disinfect commonly touched areas and surfaces, such as door knobs, light switches, and faucet handles. After the showing, clean the home once again.

  5. Arrange for a remote home closing

    In the event, you receive a home offer and the transaction proceeds to go on smoothly, should you meet with all parties involved for closing? Not really. Instead, you can schedule a remote home closing with your buyer and everyone involved.

    We can help you with remote notary closing for your home. Besides that, there are many video calling platforms you can use for meetings and negotiations. Documents can be signed electronically, and other paperwork can be mailed before or days after the closing.

    It’s also possible to wait for a little. In the process, both you and the buyer will have more time to meet your respective obligations. The situation, however, is fluid, so adjust your expectations. To be sure, discuss everything with your buyer before the two of you decide on anything.

If you’ve decided to postpone your sale, you can use this precious downtime to prepare your property. Try new online real estate marketing strategies, improve your property’s online listing, and make minor upgrades to your home if you haven’t. By doing all these things, you’re making sure your property is all set for when the pandemic passes and people are ready to buy.

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