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How to get your Cape Coral House to Sell Fast!

Much of the work is front end loaded in selling your house quickly while simultaneously for top dollar is going to come from the work and efforts you put in leading up to listing it for sale. If we plan ahead for at least a 14-day preparation...

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The Deal with a Catch

-Three traps to Watch Out For when it is time to buy- This may be a time to buy a house. If you are not worried about some impending doom and have a slightly glass half full mentality. The stars are kind of aligning for a home purchase ri...

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Buying a Home and Saving Big Money

SAVE BIG: Here is the one thing that you can do to save big money on your home purchase. Spoiler alert…it isn’t making a low-ball offer on the home purchase. If you think that then you will be shocked by what the mortgage ins...

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Wiggle Room

1. A Pandemic The past two weeks I have spent my time answering questions as best I can regarding what we are seeing in the Real Estate market based on the current Pandemic. This will likely be something that we will look back on for d...

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Millennial Homebuyers

  Who are they? Anyone born between: 1981-1996 They make up the largest portion of homebuyers at 34% What do they want? Millennial's want different things than the generations that came before them. Many of them watched ...

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Roland G.

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Mr. Michael Lombardo for his excellent work ethics and professionalism in handling the sale of my home at 907 Thompson Avenue in Lehigh Acres. Mr. Lombardo has gone above and beyond the call o...

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Signs that Now is the Time to Sell Your Home

There are many reasons why it may be time to sell your home. You may need more space to make room for a growing family or you need to downsize after your kids leave the nest. Whatever your motivations, you want to make sure that you’re ti...

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Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Most homebuyers start the process anxious, excited, nervous, and some are downright terrified. It’s natural. A home is the largest and most expensive purchase that most people will make in a lifetime. It can either turn out to be a comple...

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