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To the Mike Lombardo TeamBanks may say they want to help but let me tell you that is the last thing on their mind. I spent 10 months trying to re-modify my mortgage with my bank (Wells Fargo) and did everything they asked me to do. Make additional payments I couldn’t afford, sent letter after letter, gave them all the personal information they asked for and after doing all that and them squeezing every last penny out of me they sent me a letter and then a foreclosure document delivered by the courts. Well let me tell you scared, you bet. I’m 55 and was looking at having to go through a foreclosure and lose everything I had left, and all funds depleted.Coming out of a Super Market store I just happen to run into Mike Lombardo (who I never met before) and being the talker that I am made a statement to him about how this world his killing the little guy. He responded what do you mean, and I began to tell him my story of losing my home. Mike explained he was in real-estate and maybe he could help, gave me his card and said to give him a call. I called Mike that same day and we discussed many things one being a short sale of my home to avoid foreclosure.Let me tell you the Lombardo team went to work right away and with no help from the bank was able to get my house short sale In 120 days keeping out of foreclosure and saving what little bit I had left as foreclosure would have surely taken everything away.If you need a team who will work for you 24/7 and make what you need to happen there is no other team I could recommend. Foreclosure-J a scary thing to have to go through but if you want a team who will work and make things happen, the Lombardo team is the only one I would recommend.

I would like Mike to give me his opinion of value.